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Top 10 Best Work From Home Jobs For The US

2020 has been a real deal in terms of turmoil and business models changing.The pandemic has forced numerous businesses to work remotely or worse, lay-off their employees.

Back in 2017, Upwork and Freelancers Union predicted that more than half of the workforce will move to freelance work in the next decade, given the fact that 50% of millennials today are already freelancing in their own home office with a secured internet connection. 

And now that many governments have forced the workforce to work at home often with reduced hours. Of worse you have lost your job  rising numbers of people are searching for online work that suits their skills and talents.

According to a survey posted by Grow, the top 10 industries that will transition to a work-from-home set up are the finance, professional services, government, education, arts, entertainment, information services, and real estate.
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Now, we will provide you the list of the Top 10 Best Work From Home Jobs For The US.
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1. Virtual Assistant

Administrative, technical, and creative tasks are what virtual assistants usually do. 
With so many growing companies in different industries today there is a real demand for competent online help. Virtual Assistants work in almost every industry like finance, real estate, health care, legal, and even government. A degree is not needed in this position, however, training and organizing skills are important.
According to Indeed, an online job site, the average pay of a full-time virtual assistant in the US is $18.14 per hour with added benefits such as life insurance, paid time off, employee assistance program, parental leave, professional developmental insurance, relocation assistance, etc. depending on the role.

2. Web developer or Web designer

Coding, handling the back-end maintenance of a website is what web developers or web designers usually do. The demand for this profession has grown exponentially, especially now that remote work for large companies has been increasing and therefore more websites are needed and increased functionality in those online applications.

If you are interested in this position, you must be willing to be able to present and demonstrate your skills so that the organisation has confidence in your abilities. Many will ask you to complete a test or write a small piece of code to show you are up to the task.  This really is a great sector to get into and there are some very good courses online that you can take to optimize you skill set and earn good money. 

According to the U.S News, a web developer has average pay of $69,430 especially in the best-paying states for web developers - Washington, Virginia, District of Columbia, California, and New Jersey.
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3. Writer or Editor

With the growth of online websites content creation and editors of that information are in demand. 
As the need for online news and articles continue to grow, writers or bloggers and editors are also in demand in the online community to create news articles, ideas, and content commonly for websites, newspapers, magazines, social media accounts, and blogs. Skills needed in this job is editing, proofreading, research, copywriting, fact-checking, etc.

The salary varies depending on the job and the freelancer. As for the content writer or freelance writer, the average salary is $28.30 per hour and the editor has $31.00 per hour some with benefits.

4. Online Tutor

Demand for online teachers or tutors is also rising considering that most schools and universities are doing online classes due to the pandemic by teaching the students through video conferences mostly in Zoom or Skype. Plus, English tutors are the also needed since non-English countries (China, Japan, India, Thailand, etc.) prefer to have online courses for this particular language.

Also, entry-level teachers up to the most skilled teachers are needed since thousands of online courses are now offered in many different online platforms. The great thing about this is the  flexible hours of work and from the comfort of your own home.

The income varies from how many hours you work and how many courses you teach. A university-level online teacher has an average wage of $79,540 per year, while a high school-level online teacher has $61,660 annually, and an elementary-level has $61,660.

5. Medical Transcriptionist

Let's get rid of the thought that medical transcriptionists work in hospitals or clinics because most of them are actually in remote jobs. A medical transcriptionist has the task of transcribing recorded medical dictations, audio files, or voice recordings from physicians or other health care workers. This job doesn't require a degree, but the experience is preferred or a postsecondary medical transcriptionist program.

This job is a demand now that the health care system is busy due to pandemic and the fact that a lot of telemedicine is now be undertaken. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a medical transcriptionist has an average wage of $34, 770 per year, or $16.72 an hour.

6. Customer Support or Customer Service Representative

Customer support jobs are sometimes working as call center representatives that are outsourced from different companies receiving a phone call at any moment from customers who seek technical assistance from IT companies and corporations.

On the other hand, customer service staff deal with non-IT related customer assistance. All of these can be done through e-mail, live chat, and phone calls. A degree in this position is not required, all you need to have is a strong internet connection, computer, and problem-solving, and communication skills, and of course, competency in the area of support you are offering.

This field is a good paying job considering you have a lot of flexibility.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), full-time customer service or customer support representatives have a base pay of $33, 750 annually.

7. Translator

Proper communication is in need as businesses have gone through global and online expansion the need for language skills is in great demand. However, to become a translator, you must be bi- or multi-lingual and must have language fluency in whatever translation is required.

The majority of translators come from different industries like scientific, technical, professional, hospitals, government, and educational services.  Pay rates vary but they can be quite high depending on the demand of the language.

8. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry is needed in every business to input various details into systems, track inventory and shipments. Transfer handwritten records into a software. A computer is needed for this job, as well as your fast typing skills too. Many data entry specialists work at their own pace and place.

This job is one of the top job postings every year and has a reasonable wage of $48,100 annually for a full-time data entry specialist.

9. Graphic Design

Designing logos, T-shirts, assembling images, and motion graphics for printed and digital media are some of the tasks a graphic designer does.  Some companies would also require you to do labels, advertisements, and packaging for their products and brand awareness. 

Skills required in this field are creativity, web designing, typography, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Canva, and others.

According to Indeed, a graphic designer has an average monthly rate of $3,472 in the United States with paid time off, vision insurance, disability insurance, etc.

10. Social Media Manager

If you are already a social media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) influencer, this job will be perfect for you to easily gain followers and raise brand awareness for the company you would work for. Social media managers are responsible for creating, managing, and growing brands through content creation and advertising campaigns through social media. You need to have the skills in researching, marketing, and writing for this job.

Remote work for social media manager has an annual pay of $49,045 in the United States for a full-time position.

Where To Find Work From Home Jobs in 2020

The freelance community has grown during this pandemic. Job postings are also found everywhere and scams can be as real as it is. The best thing that you can do is to never shell out money for you to start a job and never give any confidential pieces of information without any assurance. Here are some reliable online job platforms that you can use when searching for a remote job or work-from-home opportunities: