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Best Platforms To Publish And Sell Online Courses

Platforms To Publish And Sell Online Courses In 2020

Which platform is best for online courses?

Having a  new normal of social distancing, e-learning has become a really popular with people from all over the world.

Why has online learning become so popular?

Aside from the social distancing, it is easier and more convenient than driving to a classroom. 

What happens when something is well priced - easy and convenient - it booms and that is just what the e-learning segment is doing.  According to Forbes analysts projected “E Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, forecasts for virtual learning show triple the revenue of 2015 – and it will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

I am sure you have many questions on how to start you online course - read our article on how to pivot you business to online - we have the top principles to follow.

How do I develop an online course to sell  then read here for a step by step guide and make a profit.

What is the best online business to start in 2020 that can make job replacing income?

Which app is best for online teaching - we will cover in detail those below.  But quickly these are some key things that a LMS or learning management system show do for you.
Allow you to create an online course website (or integrate your course within your existing website)
Price your course and collect payments -either one-time or in instalments
Make membership communities for more customer engagement
Upload your content like videos, add assignments and quizzes
Interactive Content creation to engage with your students
Market your course to build your online presence
So how do you get started and decide which platform is best?

We have talked to a lot of industry sources and also our facebook groups and compared the platforms that we have both used and been students on and while there are literally hundreds to choose from we have reviewed the 5 best online course platforms to use.

This ultimate online course guide is kept succinct as once you look at the overview you will want to hope over to the sites and see more details. But we evaluated them on ranks features, suitability for beginners,  reliability, marketing tools, technical support and pricing.

Let’s get underway
udemy virtual course

What Makes a Great Online Course Platform?

For this article we only reviewed platforms for building and selling an online course you created. We left out learning management systems (LMS). While platforms are often used interchangeably, LMSs are really used either in a large education setting like schools or in big companies to teach or train their customers and employees. The platforms covered below, on the other hand, are designed for individual creators to earn money by selling their courses.

Online course creation platforms can be generally separated into two categories:

1.  Market Places for Courses
2.  Course creation software

In a marketplace, your course is a part of a range, and you have the option to customize your course marketing details like landing page but not much else aside from the course content. Most marketplaces will permit you to publish a course for free but demand a share of course sales. The major advantage or such marketplaces for online content or courses is they provide you with an existing student base. This is great if you are just starting out and do not have much of an online presence yet you get an inbuilt audience.

Course creation software, on the other hand, offers many more customization options. You can create branded landing pages, choose from multiple content formats when building your course, and get the necessary tools to market your course. These usually charge a fixed monthly fee, and some platforms also charge a transaction fee.

It is no surprise that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for creating a profitable course. 

Your course is unique to you and you will need to look at number of platforms before deciding.

Ready to get you course your course online? Take a look at the best platforms to help you get the job done.

Also do not forget social media and Youtube.

Top 5 Best Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses

Udemy Online Course System

Multiple ways to build a course

Provides a quick and simple way to create your course material using Youtube videos, PDF files, and PowerPoint slides.

Inbuilt marketing tools

Provides you access to different marketing tools to promote your online course
Pricing: Free but charges you with 3% on your revenue if sales are made by coupons.  If sales are made by Udemy organic search then you are charged 50%. Further, if sales are made by Udemy’s paid acquisition channels it will be 75%. 

These costs do not include transaction fees charged by Udemy's payment channels like Payoneer or Paypal. 

However, Udemy is by far one of the most popular platforms in the online community that provides high-quality online course materials. 

This could also be your best choice when publishing your first ever online course since it is available for free and has more than 24 million students enrolled in different courses with 35,000 instructors.

But if you want to earn through this platform, you must first apply to become a premium instructor in Udemy. Their minimum requirement once you get passed is to have at least a 30-minute video and five lectures. Plus, the student’s activities that include exams, discussions, coding exercise, and assignments - all online.

With Udemy, it is great for courses that tackle content in business, finance, marketing, development, accounting, and lifestyle. 

You get to earn every time a student subscribes to your online course. 

Skillshare Your Online Course System

Build courses faster than ever

Skillshare is a powerful platform that is perfect for teaching creative skills. 

Save time and make money

You can sign up free as a Teacher in this platform and they will automatically allow you to share and expand your online course

Improve your workflow

Skillshare will provide you three major parts in conducting your classes - video lessons, projects, and a community discussion
Pricing: starts at $10 for a premium plan

Skillshare is a powerful platform that is perfect for teaching creative skills. This is best for people who want to share their knowledge in animation, illustration, photography, drawing, designing, social media, and digital marketing, etc. 

You can freely sign up as a Teacher in this platform and they will automatically allow you to share and expand your online course with business opportunities and to teach the course with ease.

Whether you sign up for free or premium, Skillshare will provide you three major parts in conducting your classes - video lessons, projects, and a community discussion. Each online class will have 20 to 60 minutes of video or webinar that will be broken down to two or three minutes of lessons. It will also encourage the students to share their progress, garner feedback, and make their work flow fun, which is perfect for engagement with your students and especially for teaching creative topics.

Skillshare sells its online courses by simply marketing it to your e-mail list for a free monthly subscription. But if you want to go to a premium membership referrals and royalties for minutes watched  are also available.

Teachable Customize your Course 

Build courses easily

Teachable a powerful platform that lets you have your own customized course site

Flexible Pricing

Teachable features more price flexibility than other platforms
Teachable has some key features like multi-language support,  integrated blogs and offers solutions for marketing tools (email marketing, landing pages, and international payments)

Teachable lets you have your own customized course site - which means you can have your own ideas and freedom in creating online course materials like videos, multimedia lectures, webinars, and coaching sessions through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Plus with ready-made templates is a great advantage if you are not tech-savvy. 

This is perfect for those who have yet to start their own online course since Teachable features a lower price than other platforms for starting. You can also offer flexible prices either through course bundles, one-time fee, a payment plan, or a subscription. 

Their marketing tools are also amazing and you can have integration with software like Infusionsoft, Mixpanel, MailChimp, Ontraport, etc.

Moreover, Teachable lets the instructors track their sales by boosting coupon codes and view the student’s review and insights through their dashboard. 

Keep engagement with your students is easy too since Teachable adds them to your email lists and therefore followup with ex- students after they complete the online course is great and often results on more sales.

Thinkific Course setup made simple 

Build courses simply

With Thinkific you can follow these 8 steps to create your first online course.

Exceptional Student Experience

Thinkific customers have sold over $200 million in courses.
Thinkific provides a great platform to create, publish, promote, and sell your online course for free in the first three courses that you make. 
It comes with unlimited course upselling opportunities, no transaction fees, and a high volume of student support.

When creating a course topic in Thinkific, they’d require you to complete your own course material and landing page. However they will provide you different templates to choose from - mini-course, flagship course, digital download, membership bundle, and webinar replay.

All the heavy lifting is done.

Thinkific templates are also easy-to-use and the platform has excellent customer support. It has its features that provide cues and tips on how to build a high-value course. They also provide video lessons, templates with sample quizzes, webinars, surveys, downloadables, and instructor’s coaching sessions. 

Users can also easily add people or their students to its affiliate program which is a great way to promote your course.

One of their easy-to-use features is their drag and drop editor, which makes it easier for instructors to stack the course materials and move it wherever you want it. 

Kajabi Integrated Course Platform

Build Integrated courses

In minutes you can take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value product.

Customize Student Experience

Customize pricing, delivery, and packaging.
Kajabi might be a little bit expensive compare to other platforms but its price is reasonable enough given that it comes with different features like providing your own website, three pipelines, three online courses, and unlimited access to marketing emails.

Also, one of its basic features is allowing you to sell downloadable files, membership, training portals, and other webinars or digital content that you can make. Their available templates are also easy-to-use in helping you create your own comprehensive courses, training, webinars, mini-courses, and membership-based products. 

Kajabi has one of the best email marketing tools available for your use to your target audience. Content marketing won’t be a big issue as Kajabi makes it easy.
Student interaction is also made easy by Kajabi. They help you reach out to the students who have unsubscribed, completed, or have been inactive form the course. It has a native email provider that helps you track your emails.

Kajabi have spent the last 10 years helping over 50,000 business owners just like yourself create and sustain a successful business online. So successful in fact, that our customers have made over 1.5 billion dollars on the platform to date!