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How To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month?

How To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month

The pandemic of 2020 has made the economy change dramatically and many people are in crisis. 

Hundreds of businesses have shut down. 

Millions of people have lost their job. 

Uncertainty has made your way out challenging. That is why making extra money or income should be at the top of your mind.

Making an extra $1000 per month in 2020 would make a huge amount of difference in your financial wellbeing. 

Think of the things you could do with an extra one thousand per month.

  • pay your student loan
  • pay your rent
  • renovate your home
  • pay down you mortgage quicker
  • go on a road trip
  • invest in something for the future

You could do a lot with your extra $1000.  At the very least, it could help you feel more secure with your personal finance in case you need an emergency fund - that's the number one rule in money management.

If you are looking for ways to make an extra $1000 online or offline, this article is for you.

If you got specific skills like graphic design then this can be the way to go
Start Blogging
Being a blogger or writer has the highest potential in having an extra income online
Food Deleivery
Become a dasher with Doordash or another food delivery service
Teach English
Online English teachers are in demand in Asian Countries

What Are The Best Ways To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month?

1. Start blogging/writing

Start blogging/writing
Average salary: $3,616 per month for full-time

Being a blogger or writer has the highest potential in having extra income online. What makes this good is you do not have to be a professional writer in doing this side hustle. 

Whether you write for your own blog or not, you can still make up to $50 an hour for writing.

Here are some options that you can choose when writing:

  • Copywriting for sales page or landing page
  • Blogging for business and brands
  • Writing articles for websites
  • Ghostwriting for books, articles, and blog posts

But even if you choose to write your own blog, you can still earn a lot through affiliate marketing, sidebar ads, and sponsored post or content.

A blogger can start by writing in a niche that you love - but really you need to treat it as a business - see our article on starting a blog as a business.

2. Freelance

pay a va
Average salary; $1,898 per month for full-time

As a freelancer, you get to offer your skills, talents, and knowledge to someone who needs it with good hour or project rate depending on demand

If you got specific skills like graphic design, web design, Adobe Illustrator, bookkeeping, photography, video editing, etc. then you can reach out to companies or small businesses to get yourself an extra income.

Most of the freelancers are doing their gig online, which makes it convenient if you are a busy bee. There are several freelancing sites available online like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. But to make the most of it, create your own website to grow your client's list and make it a platform to exhibit your work.


3. Become a virtual assistant

pay a va
Average salary: $3,859 per month for full-time

Demands for virtual assistants have risen due to the fact that almost all of the businesses have gone through work-from-home setup or remote work plans and it is predicted to continue

If you are not familiar, virtual assistants are technically the office assistant and do administrative tasks for online clients.  There are several tasks that a VA could do:

  • decluttering emails
  • scheduling appointments
  • scheduling meetings
  • responding to emails or blog comments
  • project management
  • answering phone calls
  • posting contents on social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn

Basically, business owners hire VAs to help them in almost all areas of their business. This doesn't need a degree, you just have to make yourself trainable and be detail-oriented.

You can find VA hiring in every job board available online or you can join Facebook groups for VAs.

Read our article about overseas VAs


4. Teach English online

start a podcast
Average salary: $2,748 per month for full-time

Online English teachers are very much needed especially in countries like China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, India, plus many more.

They conduct classes online through online teaching companies. Normally, they organize and present lessons that enhance the reading and communication skills of students with responsibilities including:

  • preparing lesson plans
  • tracking students' performance
  • present learning material to improve the student's reading, conversing, and writing skills

This side job requires a bachelor's degree preferably in English or equivalent. You also need to have outstanding skills in verbal and written communication skills. This job ensures you earn even more than a thousand per month depending on the company you teach with. You can apply to this position at Glassdoor, Betterteam, and VIPKID.

5. Become a social media manager

creating an online course
Average salary: $3,128 for full-time

This is commonly known as a Facebook Ads Manager for a small business in your area or online. 

Being a social media manager means doing digital marketing usually on Facebook, which is the biggest platform for small businesses to increase their traffic and awareness. Market research is also part of your job since you have to know the factors that can help promote the business.

You also get to represent the company on any social media platform that you and they have. Content creation, responding to comments or messages, and compile campaign advertisements are also part of your job. 

The amazing part of this job is that it is fun and you can even work at night after your day job since that is when much of the online activity takes place.

6. Start a Youtube channel

Start a Youtube channel
Average salary: $3 to $5 per 1,000 video view

Being a content creator is equivalent to being a blogger. A YouTuber also needs to start her own niche in order to grow traffic and generate more views.

The most popular niches on YouTube are beauty hacks, product reviews, DIY, travels, tutorials, technology updates, and streaming video games.

Aside from earning money from your video views, you can still earn through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, as well as sell products.  

This needs to have a dedication and commitment since you won't be earning enough for at least 6 months but stick at it and it works slowly but surely.

7. Offer a childcare services

 Offer a childcare services
Average salary: $2,880 per month for full-time

Babysitting/nannying could be one of your choices for a part-time job

If you are patient and enjoy being with kids by giving them their emotional, social, and intellectual needs, then you could do this for an extra income.

You could work in a private household and do household duties for kids like preparing their meals, baby bottles, etc.

Part of your responsibilities may also be doing some laundry and ironing their clothes, arranging and supervising the children's time to take naps and going to bed every night, and planning age-appropriate educational activities. 

8. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

pet sitter
Average salary: $2, 769 for full-time

When pet owners are too busy or out of town, they'll surely need a pet sitter since pets are considered as part of the household by many owners.

Well, you gotta love pets as much as possible since it won't be possible to take care of them without your emotional support.

There are several opportunities for this side hustle job and you can find it on online platforms, such as Rover and Facebook groups dedicated to pet owners to connect with dog walkers or pet sitters. Though the pay varies depending on where you live. Urban areas get paid more.

9. Deliver Food

food deleivery
Average salary: $2,455 for full-time

Delivering food or other items are already in high demand these days. 

if you want to do this, you can become a dasher with Doordash to get paid hourly and often with extra tips.

And if you opt to deliver other essentials, like grocery items or medicines, you could join the Postmates or Instacart.

This could be a good source of extra income since it doesn't need a bachelor's degree. You just have to have the skills in time management, customer service, driving, basic math, and experience in a restaurant or warehouse.

10. Sell on e-bay or Amazon

How To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month?
In this side job, there's no guarantee on how much amount you can make.

But it is literally a great business idea to make money out from your pre-loved clothes and other things.

And if you opt to deliver other essentials, like grocery items or medicines, you could join the Postmates or Instacart.

This could be a good source of extra income since it doesn't need a bachelor's degree. You just have to have the skills in time management, customer service, driving, basic math, and experience in a restaurant or warehouse.

11. Become a rideshare driver

Become a rideshare driver
Average salary: $2,700 for full-time

You can go to Uber and Lyft to give you a side job for an extra income as a rideshare driver.

They give customers a comparable or less expensive options to take a cab. This works through an app to interact with the fellow rideshare drivers within minutes. 

Having this job allows you to be flexible on your own working hours. Some of the duties and skills of rideshare drivers are:

  • customer service
  • time management
  • communication
  • safe driving skills
  • picking passengers
  • transporting passengers in their designated places
  • keeping vehicles in good condition

12. Transcribe online

online course learning
Average salary: $1,500 for part-time

An Online transcriptionist role is mostly a part-time job.

This job will require you to convert audio files into a text document. You need to listen to several audio recordings and type exactly what you hear and proofread it for accuracy.

Usually, the audio files are from podcasts, interviews, web conferences or webinars, lectures, and instructional videos. There are also legal and medical transcription needed to be done, and these will often pay ore - but you may need to demonstrate some experience first.

How To Start Earning Extra Money?

As we have said, earning an extra for at least $1000 can already do a lot for you and it should be part of your personal goals. 

To do this, here are some ways that we can give you to help yourself:

First, get yourself some motivation for working extra hours. You cannot expect yourself to earn by not being motivated and positve.

Your main reason why you need an extra income should be motivational enough to push yourself to work harder.

Next, try lots of part-time jobs to see where you can push your limit too and what are your abilities.

 But make sure you'll do something that you actually like doing.