Cyberghost Vpn Vs Nordvpn

Which is Best Cyberghost VPN or Nordvpn

Todays market has so many with VPN providers it gets overwhelming. They all have different functionality, speed, and security . It really is not easy to accurately compare the various services. This is a very important VPN review because we have taken two of the leading VPNs and created an easily digestible comparison. In this review, we compare NordVPN vs CyberGhost: we’ll uncover which is better for the average user when all the marketing hype is stripped away.
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What Should I Choose NordVPN or Cyberghost

First please do not choose a VPN solely on price.  Many people have gone for cheapest and regretted it.

 While affordability is important it is not the only criteria.

A VPN has significant other uses, from encryption to browsing anonymously and keeping your data safe.

Different VPNs are equipped with similar but sometimes key but subtle differences in their features.

The list of subjects to consider is endless, from Netflix, Torrent, Live Chat , Download speed, Kill switch, Customer support, streaming service, AES 256 Encryption, file sharing just to name a few.

Also importantly Some VPN services tend to pay more attention to usability, by that I mean an easy user interface.  Sometimes this is a turn off for experts or heavy users who really want to have infinite control over the settings for VPN speeds rather than just ease of use.

We are going to review based on the following criteria.

1.  Speed

2.  Security and Security

3.  User Interface

4.  Server Locations

5.  Simultaneous Connections

6.  Price

However we are going to try and keep this simple and most users are not interested the endless details of speeds and feeds.

They just want to know will this work for me. (Carry on reading for the full review- but here is the answer)

You know what - If you have done any research you will probably have the feeling that both NordVPN and Cyberghost are good and I would love you to read the review - but you know what they both will work for you just fine. So the key is what is the best deal you can get right now.  

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nordvpn biggest country list

Top Three Comparisons

VPN Speed
User Interface


NordVPN easily was the winner here and for us beat CyberGhost’s download speeds by reasonable margins in each location we tested.  
NordVPN was a less dominant in the upload speed, only winning in 60% in the locations we tested. But the most important characteristic here is download speeds, upload speeds are not so key to overall performance.(only really becomes critical if you’re sending large files)
CyberGhost did do better at ping time, which could make it a great VPN for gaming.


Security and Privacy are also important.  Both CyberGhost and NordVPN are very similar when it comes to security and privacy. Both VPN service providers have all of the most important security features that we expect to see, which includes a functioning kill switch and some way to automatically connect on startup. 

As for connection security, both VPNs offer OpenVPN paired with AES-256 encryption.

User Interface

This is one area where CyberGhost vs NordVPN comparison is quite different.

CyberGhost has what I would call a  minimalist user interface. In its standard form, there is a single button in the middle to connect and disconnect. There is a dropdown menu below that lets you choose the location you want to connect to.
NordVPN, has a large user interface that is utilizes a map. This map has blue markers in each country that you can connect. Having a map makes browsing the selection of servers and countries much easier.

Final Comparisons

Server Locations
Simultaneous Connections

Server Locations

NordVPN and CyberGhost have a similar number of servers or overall network size — both have around 5,200 servers each — CyberGhost has a better country distribution. CyberGhost has servers in 82 countries while NordVPN only offers locations in 64 countries.
But NordVPN has more servers in the continental US and could be better for streaming and load sharing 

Simultaneous Connections

The answer here is simple NordVPN permits users to have up to six devices connected at one time. CyberGhost, on the other hand, wins by one as it permits for up to seven devices to be connected at once.


Because these two are largely seen as the leading global CyberGhost and NordVPN are very similar in almost every facet of function. Pricing is no different - very similar plans and terms and both of these VPN services have similar pricing models.
Their promotions also vary from time to time and we are plugged directly in to give you the best and latest - just check the offers below.
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